August 22, 2017

How to Earn Credits for Certified Nurses Aide

Credits for certified nurses aide are often earned in an academic setting. Community colleges often have CNA courses available. Some four-year universities also have their own CNA programs. When you decide to become a CNA, there are two major parts of your education. You’ll have classroom instruction, taught by a well-qualified instructor. You’ll have textbooks to use and will usually have to complete certain assignments as homework. A larger part of your instruction will include hands-on training in a healthcare setting. An exam will be taken before you receive your certification.

Some are able to earn their credits for certified nurses aide directly at a nursing home, assisted living facility, hospice or hospital. These facilities may have incentives where you can be paid while receiving your training. Usually, a CNA-in-training has to commit to working at the facility for a specified amount of time. The training is similar to the training that would be received in an academic setting. Both textbook and hands-on instruction are offered. CNAs trained directly at a healthcare facility will also need to take an exam. Some facilities are licensed to administer the exam. If not, you can take the exam at a testing center.

Which type of training you decide to undertake will depend on your circumstances. Not every healthcare facility has sufficient staff to provide training in-house. When do you decide to get credits for certified nurses aide, find out about the costs associated with schools in your area. Most schools that offer CNA courses participate in financial aid programs. Aid programs available sometimes include tuition reimbursement. This is a good option for a person who needs training and has already found a job.

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