September 23, 2017

How to Find & Print My Illinois CNA State Certification

Do you want to know the details on ‘how to Find & Print My Illinois CNA State Certification‘? There are several ways by which a CNA certification can be verified. Details regarding these ways are mentioned under the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Health Care Worker Registry website or can be obtained by contacting over the telephone 217-785-5133 or via email to The status of the certification can also be checked online or even a letter requesting CNA certification verification can be sent to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Pursuing the job as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can prove to be a launch pad for several other jobs related to healthcare. The job of a CNA, itself can be a rewarding career.

The CNAs can secure jobs at several health care centers and at hospitals. There are several training schools which offer certification of CNA. A Certified nursing assistant plays important roles in the present health care system. They are accountable for patient care duties and administrative duties. CNAs function under the administration of registered or licensed practical nurses. Basic nursing duties are performed by a certified nursing assistant under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

Below are a few steps given regarding ‘How to Find & Print My Illinois CNA State Certification?’


At the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Health Care Worker Registry website, click “Search the Health Care Worker Registry”.

You must type the last name, first name and middle name of the person whose verification of certification is to be obtained. The last name of the person is mandatory. In case you aren’t sure of the spelling of the name then, you must type your best guess.

You must click on the name of the person you think best matches with the name you are searching for. In case you have the Social Security number of the person then you must enter it when you click on the name to confirm that you have got the right person.

You must initially click “File,” and then “Print” which are present in the menu bar of your Internet browser.

By following the above mentioned steps you shall never have to wonder ‘How to Find & Print My Illinois CNA State Certification?’


  1. Jeanne Mueller says:

    Hello, I have recently completed my Illinois recertification for CNA in the state of Illinois. I would like to also apply for ceritfication in the state of Wisconsin. On the application it asks for registry information and will not process the application without it, but I cannot find the registry number and is the expiration date 24 months from the time I am recertified? Can you help me ? Jeanne

    • CNAInstructor says:

      The following contact details would surely help. Illinois Department of Public Health Worker Registry
      525 W. Jefferson Street, Springfield, IL 62761
      Phone: (217) 785-5133
      License Verification: (217) 782-3070

  2. Linda Burnham says:

    Where in Springfield,Il can i take a cna recitification test?

  3. Bryan hantle says:

    Im tryin to check or find my cna registration. Need to find out uf i need to renew. If so is there a cheaper abd easier way to renew. Ive been a cna for around 30 yrs.

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