August 22, 2017

How to Get a CNA Certification License

A certified nurse aide/assistant typically works in a residential care home, assisting in the care of the elderly or infirm.  The job can be demanding but also highly rewarding.  Becoming a CNA is an excellent first step in a career in healthcare, and with the increasing number of elderly throughout the country, offers job security.If you are interested in becoming a nurse aide, you need to get a CNA certification license and be included on the state nurse aide registry.


Each state has different criteria for obtaining a CNA certification license and so it is best to check with the state department of health or nursing to check on the exact requirements.  However almost every state mandates that CNAs complete a certain number of hours of training, this is usually no less than 70 and no more than 100 hours.  The training has to include a practical and classroom element and most courses ask for the minimum of a high school diploma.


Training courses are available at many community colleges as well as some healthcare facilities.  It is important when looking at courses that you make sure that the course is state approved.  Some courses are available at no cost, provided you agree to work at the facility once qualified. A list of state approved courses is often available through the department of health.


Following training there is usually a competency exam that candidates must pass.  Again, the exam content can vary depending on the state where you reside, but they generally consist of two parts, a written and a practical skills test.


This is a typical method of obtaining a CNA certification license. Many states also require a criminal background check, and a physical exam.


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