August 20, 2017

How To Get A CNA License?

The health sector has many job opportunities that can sound interesting. But nothing can beat the CNA or certified nursing assistant job. There can be many reasons why many individuals want to become a CNA. It can be because you get to meet many people or because of the fact that this job requires less education but pays well as time goes on.

Here are few simple steps that can guide you in how to get a CNA license.

Join a CNA program: The first step in how to get a CNA license, is to join a CNA certification course. Almost every state has organizations, institutes, hospitals, nursing homes and Red Cross branches where the certification course can be done from. All you need is a high school diploma or a GED to enroll yourself for a CNA program.

You have many programs some can last for two weeks while others can last up to six weeks. You can either attend your classes full time or part time. This is where you have to make sure and choose the program that suits your work schedule.

Work hard during classes: It is very important that you work hard during your classes and take your exams seriously. You will have to pass your written part and the practical part of the test with excellent scores. Depending on your scores you can secure employment. Though, you have the freedom to choose your work place once you have been certified.

A typical CNA certification course teaches you on patient care, infection control, CPR instructions, personal hygiene, taking readings, and how to communicate with the patient.

Take sample tests: It is a good idea to take sample tests which can be bought. These tests help you understand the exam in a better way. Once you get some practice before appearing for your test, it will give you confidence before you appear for the actual test.

Take the CNA exam in your state: The CNA exam consists of two parts, one part is the theory and the second part is the practical. You will be asked simple questions on what you have learned during your CNA certification course and the practical consist of what you have learn in your clinical work. To get your CNA certification, you have to secure excellent marks in both the theory and practical.

Your results: Mostly, your results will be mailed to you. You are issued a CNA certificate once you have scored good marks in the exam. Once you get your CNA certification, you can start working and earn good money.

As you can see, getting a CNA license is not that difficult. You need to always have a positive frame of mind when working as a certified nursing assistant.


  1. How to obtain cna certification?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      The state nurse aide registry should provide information in this regard. The best option would be to contact your local community college for information regarding the requirements in your state. Usually you should have a GED or a school diploma to get into training which can further help you with getting certified

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