August 22, 2017

How to Get CNA Certification and Work in Healthcare

When you choose to train as a CNA, you may be able to take part of your training online, depending upon the school you choose. However, you’ll have to have hands-on training in addition to learning all the terminology, and learning about the needs of patients. Training as a CNA usually takes place at a community college, however some healthcare facilities offer CNA training and sometimes pay for the training up to a certain amount if the CNA agrees to work at the facility for a specified period of time. How to get CNA certification begins with training. After enrolling in a CNA program, you can expect training to last anywhere from 75 to 125 hours.  The training includes instruction in anatomy, psychology, nutrition, infection control, and medical terminology. Hands-on clinical training is included in the program.


How to get  CNA certification involves studying for the exam. A variety of study guides are available online to prepare you to take the exam. Every CNA must be licensed by the state in which they reside. The exam to be a licensed CNA consists of a written test with usually about 60 questions. The additional part of the exam takes place in a clinical setting so students can be evaluated on their interaction with patients, and to observe their abilities. The majority of the questions on the written exam will be regarding care of patients, record keeping, lab procedures, and professionalism. Clinical skills testing may include communication with patients, hygiene, communication skills, feeding, and changing and keeping dressings clean.


How to get CNA certification doesn’t take long and you can be working as a licensed CNA as soon as your exam has been reviewed. The State Board of Certification in the state you reside in will notify you of the results of your exam. When you work as a CNA, you must keep your license valid. If you don’t work for two consecutive years, you may have to take the training again. The laws regarding CNAs vary from state to state.



  1. How to get cna license?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      CNA license is valuable when it comes to employment. You can get it by enrolling into a training class. First and foremost, you must be a high school diploma grad. Even if you have a GED, this can be done. After the training, you might have to undergo certification exam.This exam would usually have both theory and hands on!

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