August 22, 2017

How to Get CNA Certification Kentucky

If you want CNA certification Kentucky, you’ll need to have good reading and writing skills and be at least 18. Before you can enroll at a school for training, you’ll need to pass a criminal background check.
Any schools used for training must be certified by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services. At least 75 hours of instruction are required for state requirements to be fulfilled, and many schools offer more hours of instruction. Depending on your class schedule, you’ll be trained in four to eight weeks.

CNA certification Kentucky is available through many facilities. Community colleges and some of the universities offer nursing programs that lead to certification. There are some schools that specialize in nursing assistant training, often offering job placement assistance after graduation. The Red Cross and community service agencies are also good places to obtain your training. You’ll learn basic skills that include daily care for patients, interacting with family members and monitoring vital signs. Those who were already trained in another state usually won’t have to be re-trained. Their training is usually recognized if it meets or exceeds Kentucky’s requirements.

The final step of CNA certification Kentucky before employment is taking the state exam. This exam is used to judge whether students have understood the material and are ready to enter the workforce in their new field. As in many other states, the test consists of two parts. You’ll have to answer some written, multiple choice questions and possibly answer some questions orally. The second part of the test consists of demonstrating some skills learned in class with a volunteer. The Cabinet for Health Services will be notified of your test results. If you pass, you’ll be registered as a nurse aide and be able to obtain employment at a healthcare facility.

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