August 22, 2017

How to Get CNA certification Oregon

In Oregon, in order to qualify to take the CNA exam and be certified to work in a healthcare setting, CNA certification Oregon requires that you must have completed the required 75 hours of coursework and clinical hands-on training in a healthcare facility, and if you moved to Oregon from another state, your training must have been completed within two years. Other instances in which you would be able to get CNA certification Oregon, is to have completed the necessary training as a medic or military corpsman, and must have completed 400 hours of paid employment in the capacity of a nursing assistant within the past two years. Other circumstances in which you would qualify, is if you have graduated from an approved nursing program between one and three years ago. You must also successfully complete a criminal background check.


The CNA certification Oregon examination may be taken in a variety of locations around the state. The exam consists of a multiple choice written test which usually has approximately 60 questions, covering all aspects of the CNA training. The exam also includes a manual skills test. During this portion of the exam, the skills of each student are tested on people portraying patients. Each student is given 5 different skills to perform under the direction of an RN. For students who may have a disability, special concessions may be made. For these students, an oral exam may be substituted for the written exam and students may record their answers on an answer sheet. All candidates must be able to read and comprehend English. After completing the exam, the tests are scored by a service that’s independent. You’re notified by mail whether you’ve passed. If you pass the test, you receive a CNA certificate from the state. Areas of improvement will be noted for students who don’t pass the first time.


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