August 22, 2017

How to Get CNA Instructor Certification in WA

There can only be three reasons why an individual is encouraged to become a certified nurse assistant. One reason may be the opportunity to be offered with a lot of job vacancies as the demand for trained professionals among medical facilities continues to grow. Attending CNA schools may also be for the purpose of gaining training that can qualify an individual for advanced training programs necessary to become a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. The highest level of career advancement opportunity for CNAs, nonetheless, remains to be one of the main reasons for attending training. Indeed, more individuals are drawn towards becoming a CNA instructor.

Becoming a CNA instructor in most states such as Washington, however, was never easy. One needs to attain years of experience in the field upon completion of training programs. Federal laws have also prohibited an individual to administer the training programs for certified nursing assistants unless they submit all the requirements for CNA instructor certification in WA.

For an experienced RN, LPN or CNA II to become an instructor for nurse classes, they have to be an active holder of licenses within the state. The requirement for licenses though may be waived when the instructor-candidates hold Train-the-Trainer certification along with at least 15 hours of experience in health care instruction. The CNA instructor certification in WA may also be only attained after completing the classes with curriculum focusing on teaching learning principles, development of curriculum, disease identification and teaching aid demonstrations.

The completion of the training programs qualify the candidates for the application of CNA instructor certification in WA from the local board of registry. It is always easier to apply for licenses and jobs with at least two years of experience in nursing or previous CNA teaching. CNA instructors may opt to apply in local hospitals, colleges and universities or technical schools. The following institutions in Washington currently have voluminous job opportunities for qualified CNA instructors with certification:

  • Comprehensive Health Academy, 1106 Bladensburg Road Northeast, Washington D.C., (202) 388-9587
  • Bethel Training Institute, 824 Upshur Street Northwest, Washington D.C., (202) 723-0755
  • Carlos Rosario International Career Center, 1100 Harvard Street Northwest, Washington D.C., (202) 797-4700
  • The Nation’s Children’s Hospital, 111 Michigan Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., (202) 476-5000
  • Washington Hospital Center, 110 Irving St NW, Washington, (202) 877-7000


  1. How do you become a CNA instructor?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      First and foremost, you need to be an RN. If you are one, you have to gain work experience. On top of this, you might have to attend CNA instructor training and take up certification too

  2. CNA train-the-trainer can certification WA?

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