August 23, 2017

How to Get CNA License?

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) of late is becoming a necessity in the United States. A CNA is an entry level position in the nursing field. When you become a CNA it is the ideal way to become registered nurse (RN). A CNA is a health care professional whose main job role is to help patients perform simple tasks like using the loo, help patients move around, prepare patients meals and take vital readings.

A CNA works under a registered nurse (RN) in a healthcare system like nursing homes, hospitals, or old age home. So, now, you might want to obtain your CNA license in the United States, but have no idea on how to proceed with things. Well, once you finish reading this article you will know how to get CNA license.

Becoming a CNA help you to get into the health care industry easily. This also gives you an insight and can motivate you to become a registered nurse (RN). But, you must have a certified license to become a CNA.

Here is how to get CNA license in depth.

Study in an approved institute: To become a successful certified nursing assistant, you have to do your certification course from a reputed institute. But, you have to do your certified nursing assistant certification course from an institute from an approved college. The institute must be approved by the state’s nursing board. The problem is the rules and guidelines keeps changing from state to state.

You will however be required to provide a certificate about your background and a negative tuberculosis test before joining an institute.

Course work: You cannot work in health care facility until you get an approved license from your state board. The CNA certification course can be completed within few months or weeks from an approved institute. Your certified nursing assistant course work usually consists of two phases.

The initial phase of your training is the classroom training which you will be required to learn on first aid, medical terminology, and other related courses. Your second certification course phase is the clinical phase which is where you will have to perform practical work. You will have to score high marks in both the forms of tests to be successful in becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Test: Once you successfully complete your certification course, you can appear for your CNA exam. The CNA exam consists of two parts in which the first part tests your educational knowledge and the second part tests your practical knowledge. If you are successful in your certification test, then you will be awarded with a license which may take about eight weeks.

The above article can help you become a successful certified nursing assistant.


  1. How to become a CNA?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This is easy. Certification is not mandatory but is recommended. The certification is NNAAP conducted by the state nurse aide registry. It is important to undergo 6-12 weeks of training to become a CNA

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