September 23, 2017

How to Obtain a CNA License?

Obtaining a certified nursing assistants license is not a difficult process, provided you are willing to work hard and have patience.

Using the given below steps, you will find out on how to obtain a CNA license.

Enroll for a CNA certification program: Since the rules and regulations vary from state to state, it is vital that you are aware of the guidelines in your state. You can find that out by visiting your state’s nursing board directory. Almost all the states in the country have a nursing aide registry which is responsible for providing CNA license and certifying nursing aides.

The nursing aide registry is also responsible for notarizing the CNA license. To apply for a CNA certification program, you will have to send a form to your state’s nursing aide licensing office. You will be required to provide photographs that have been recently attested to the form.

The photographs have to be attached along with the registration fee. The registration fee can be given in the form of a demand draft. You will also be required to fill up a verification of training form just to make sure that the CNA college, you have done your training from is a part of the approved college list.

Once these details have been filled in by you, the state’s nursing aide licensing office will submit it to the nurse aide registry. The nurse aide registry will decide on your licensing. Most of the states in the country require you to submit to a background check. You will also have to submit a recent TB test along with a proof.

Your local nursing board must also approve your CNA application to be eligible for CNA licensing. You can be issued with temporary permits only when you have given your fingerprint cards along with a processing fee. You can use websites like to get your licensing verified from the state where you passed your nursing examination.

The processing fee for getting the CNA licensing form may cost up to $300 – $600. This mainly depends on the state to which you are applying. Usually the licensing takes few weeks to get through. You will be contacted either through an email or post about the status of your CNA application.

You might not want to call up your state nursing board to find out about the status of your application since different states have different requirements for students to appear for the CNA exam. The state nursing registry website comes with along with a notepad in which all the requirements for the CNA license are given. If you are in Kansas, you can contact

Curtis State Office Building, 1000 SW Jackson, Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone (785) 296-1500. Fax: (785) 368-6368. Email:

It contains important information like the fees, continuing education requirements and work requirements. Since work requirements vary with each state it is better to check with the national network of career nursing assistants on the latest information on how to obtain a CNA license.


  1. How do i get my cna license in the state of Missouri?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This requires you to attend CNA training program. In Missouri, the CNA registry mandates you to have 75 theory hours and 100 practical hours of CNA training to take up certification. Once you complete training, you can take up your certification exam and become a CNA

  2. How to find out CNA License number?

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