August 22, 2017

How to Obtain a State CNA Certification License?

A certified nursing assistant is the person who works under Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Nurses (LPN) at health care facilities. They are often in charge of taking care of the patients and form the connection link between their supervisors and the patients. While ensuring safety and security of patients under their care, they also make it a point to document and monitor the conditions of the patient. They assist a lot in case of bedridden patients and help with their mobility and wheelchair/stretcher usages.

Generally, any certified nursing assistant is required to take up the NNAAP exam to become a certified assistant. Once they finish the certification, they get their names registered with the state nurse registry. To understand better on ‘How to Obtain a State CNA Certification License?’, read the following steps and get to know the details.

Steps in Detail

1. Generally, all states mandate that the aspirants need to undergo some amount of experience and complete a certification exam; there are certain requirements that can be very specific to the state in particular. So, it is better to get the information directly from your state licensing authority for that can help you keep better informed.

2. The next thing that you might have to do is to get the list of approved CNA providers within your state and within the vicinity of your locality in particular. This can help you to get prepared on how to take up the training/undergo the experience, which, you might have to do before attempting the certification test.

3. Find the best CNA program that is accessible and get yourself enrolled in it. The duration of the course generally vary a lot. This can be even 6-8 weeks. Sometimes, this can even be as long as a complete year. Depending on the urgency and your availability, you can choose to opt for the course that suits you best. This training constitutes classroom training and practical experience. The practical aspect of it can be offered at a nearby health care center and this can constitute laboratory sessions and some hands on. The constituents of the training would entirely depend on the requirements posted by the state nursing registry.

How to Obtain a State CNA Certification License?

4. Once you complete the training, you might have to take up the NNAAP exam. This usually has 2 parts, the theoretical and the practical test. Theoretical part has multiple choice questions and the clinical test testifies 5 of the usual 25 practical skills expected out of a CNA.

5. On completion of the test with flying colors, you can get your CNA license from the state licensing agency within a few weeks.

Now that you have understood better on‘How to Obtain a State CNA Certification License?’, why don’t you think about taking it further right away now?


  1. Quentin Farrell says:

    How long does it take to become a CNA?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually this can be a month to three months. If you are able to spend a chunk of hours daily, the training should be quick. After this, it is important to prepare and complete the NNAAP exam to become a CNA

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