August 22, 2017

How to Receive CNA Certification in Alabama

In order to receive CNA certification in Alabama, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements. One is that you must pass a criminal background check. This helps ensure the safety of dependent patients. If you’ve received a prior nursing degree, you may be able to have the program requirements waived. This will save you time and allow you to be listed in the registry much more quickly. Out-of-state CNA’s moving to Alabama need to secure employment before they can register as a nursing assistant. Unlike many other states, Alabama does not provide licenses for CNA’s.

You can train for your CNA certification in Alabama either at a school or directly at a nursing home. Career schools and two-year colleges are the most common academic settings. Some four-year schools may also offer these programs. An advantage of training through a nursing home is that you can receive a wage during the training. In either case, your training will take about a month to complete. Both forms provide the practical knowledge you need to successfully pass the exam.

The state of Alabama uses the National Nurse Aide Examination, also known as NNAAP. You can take the exam for CNA certification in Alabama up to two years after you complete your training. A valid photo ID and Social Security number must be presented at the testing site. A written test is taken using multiple-choice test cards that must be filled in with a pencil. You’ll also need to bring a volunteer over 16 to use for the hands-on portion of the test. Passing the test allows you to be listed in the nurse’s aide registry, which serves as a substitute for a license.


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