August 22, 2017

How to Renew a CNA License?

Being a certified nursing assistant might sound easy for many individuals. But things don’t always need to be easy and look the way they should. An ideal certified nursing assistant must know how to look after his or her patients with love and affection. There is no doubt that the healthcare sector has benefited through certified nursing assistants.

Working in a hospital environment is a not easy task. You have deal with so many people and many people will test your patience to the limit. However, the best way to enter the healthcare sector is by becoming a certified nursing assistant. The primary job for a certified nursing assistant or CNA is to attend to patients who need medical and physical help.

This is the main reason why a certified nursing assistant plays an important role in a healthcare setting. Nursing aides help patients in managing their hygiene, they help them move around in the hospital building, and give them all the assistance that they need. It is all about creating a positive relationship with patients.

This is the very reason why once you become a certified nursing assistant in your state, you must make sure that you renew your license every two years.

Given below is how to renew a CNA license in the state of California. Once you have completed your continued education and submitted the paperwork to your state’s nursing board, you will be issued with the CNA certification. If your certification has been expired for more than two years, then you must complete a 75 hour training program that has been approved.

If your certification has been revoked, then you can not renew your CNA license.

Firstly, you must enroll into an approved CNA training program to get your continued education. You can get a list of approved CNA training programs and online education from the California Department of Public Health’s Licensing and Certification Division. For further information on the continued education, you can even call or email the Aide and Technician Certification Section, CNA certification unit at 916 327-2445 or email them at to clarify your doubts.

You will have to complete the mandatory 48 hours of in service training in the two year period. You can complete your training according to your convenience. You can complete your training through classroom training and the rest through online. Almost 24 hours of the 48 hours can be done through the approved online training programs.

You can obtain the CNA certification course completion once you finish each of the in service programs. You will then have to complete the certified nurse assistant in-service training/continuing education form and submit it to the California department of public health’s training program review unit to their address at

PO Box 997416,
CA 95899-7416.

You will receive your certification which has been renewed by the California Department of Public Health once your renewal has processed.


  1. How do i recertify my cna certificate?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Recertification rules entirely depends on the nurse aide registry of your state. So, please contact them for the details. You might have to take up the exam again based on the expiration date of your CNA certificate and your break at work

  2. Can you fax a California cna renewal?

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