September 23, 2017

How to Renew CNA License Online?

One of the most popular jobs in the healthcare sector is a certified nursing assistant or a CNA. A CNA usually work under the supervision of a registered nurse when in a healthcare setting. CNAs also have the ability to practice privately in day-care homes assisting their clients by providing them with basic medical and hygiene care.

They do that by taking vital signs of the patient or client like blood pressure and sugar readings. A certified nursing assistant usually performs simple tasks like responding to call lights, helping patients or clients get up or move from the bed, reposition patients, assist patients in using the toilet and cleaning themselves.

Though it sounds quite simple and easy, becoming a nursing assistant with certification requires hard work and sincerity. But in this unstable economy, it is no surprise that many individuals prefer to become CNAs as it helps them make good money and a stable job. Becoming a CNA is an excellent way to get into the healthcare sector.

This job gives you lot of exposure in the medical field and you can also improve your job status by taking further courses and exams to get better nursing jobs. If you are a CNA, then it is vital you know how to renew your license. Many CNAs make the mistake of not renewing their license after their expiry date and have a tough time.

You will need to know a few things on how to renew CNA license online.

To begin with you will have to fill up the nurse’s aide registry renewal form which can be found on the website of your state’s nursing aide registry. Almost every state in the country has their own nursing board, which is responsible for certifying and renewing your CNA license.

Once you are logged on the correct website, you need to search for the renewal form and fill it accordingly. The CNA renewal form is divided into two sections. The first section will have to be filled by you. A few personal questions are asked, which have to be filled accordingly. They ask you those personal questions so that they can contact you when they need some more information.

Though you can fill it through online and send it, you might want to consider taking a print out of it and sending it through post. The reason is when you receive the mail which usually takes a maximum of two weeks to come you get your renewal along with the seal of your state’s nursing board, which will be of immense help when you search for work.

You must make sure that you renew your CNA license well before your license expires. The reason for that is you will most likely have to take a re test to become certified as a CNA. It only simply means that you will have to enroll yourself in a community college or vocational school and complete your course and then take the CNA certification exam.

Follow the above steps and renew CNA license online.


  1. How to renew cna license in NY?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      It is subjected to automatic renewal as long as you can show daily 7 work hours as a professional nurse int he past 2 year

  2. How can i recertify my NY cna license if its lapsed?

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