August 23, 2017

How To Transfer CNA License To Another State?

As a certified nursing assistant you will most probably have to work under a registered nurse (RN) in a hospital or healthcare organization. According to job statistics in the United States, certified nursing assistants are getting lot of attention and are in heavy demand. The reason for that is because doctors and nurses are preoccupied with their work and don’t have the time to spend with patients and help them move around.

This is precisely where the need for a certified nursing assistant arises. A certified nursing assistant can find employment in nursing homes, hospitals, day care homes, etc. Supposing you are planning to become a certified nursing assistant, then you ought to know that federal laws require you to get a minimum of 100 hours of class and clinical training before appearing for the certification exam.

If you successfully complete your CNA exam, you will be certified by the state nursing board and your name appears their website. Ok, you are a certified nursing assistant and are planning to relocate to another state. Do you know how to transfer CNA license to another state? You won’t be able to practice once you relocate to another state if you haven’t transferred your CNA license.

Given below are few pointers which can help you know how to transfer CNA license to another state.

Contact the State Board of Nursing: The first step would be to contact the state nursing board you are planning to relocate to. You will have to intimate them about your relocating plan and talk to the right person about getting your CNA license transferred. It is better to start things as early as four months before you plan to relocate and not wait till the last moment.

Fill and send the paperwork quickly: The next step would be to fill and send the paperwork as soon as you can without delay. Once you receive the paperwork, make sure that you don’t delay proceedings. It is better to keep few copies of the paperwork with you. It is reliable to do things through post rather online as you need hard copies to prove the authenticity of the CNA license.

Ensure that there is no delay: You must make sure there is no delay in you receiving your new CNA license. Supposing you still haven’t received it after 6 weeks, then it is better to contact them find out about the status of your license. Don’t wait for them to contact you in case of any delay, it would be wise to contact them incase of delay in getting your CNA license.

When you receive your new CNA license, you must ensure that the paper work is correct. There you go you are ready to work as a certified nursing assistant in your new state. Best of luck!

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