September 23, 2017

How to Verify CNA Certification

There are several reasons to verify CNA certification. One is for an employer to ensure that a job candidate is qualified to work as a nurse aide. Newer online verification systems make this process much easier. Another reason is for a current nursing assistant to check his or her own status. Some states no longer issue paper licenses. With this being the case, it’s important to keep track of how soon your certification is coming up for renewal. While you can usually reinstate an expired certification, it’s better not to allow it to expire. Allowing your certification to lapse in between periods of employment can result in having to re-take classes.

There are two common ways to verify CNA certification if you prefer not to do this online. One is to contact the school that you received your training through. The school and your instructor will have a record of the dates attended and the date of your certification. Your state’s nurse aide registry can also provide verification by phone or mail. It may be necessary to provide proof of your identity before this information is released. Paperwork may also be needed if you’re seeking duplicate or replacement copies of a license.

Many states allow you to verify CNA certification online. This will usually be done through the website for the state nurse aide registry. Any notifications that you receive in the mail regarding your certification will usually have the website address printed on them. The verification system will require you to enter some personal information, so make sure you know what information you need ahead of time. Once the information is supplied, you should receive verification in a matter of seconds.


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    How to verify an expired certified nursing assistant license?

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