August 22, 2017

Importance of Getting to Know CNA Written Test Questions

The Certified Nursing Assistant exam is spearheaded by the American Red Cross and is divided into two parts. The written exam is composed of a 70-item list of questions while the practical exam is a clinical evaluation test that requires the examinee to perform 3-5 nursing assistant skills. The latter, although it may sound a little too easy, can be jittery and terrifying since a medical representative is assigned to observe you while doing hands-on assistance. The written exam, on the other hand, should be swift and easy if you have reviewed well enough. The typical CNA written test questions may range from work ethics to proper sanitation to patient’s rights to proper care giving and so on. There are numerous “mock tests” that you can search online to give you a preview of some of the possible questions. The mock CNA written test questions also allow you to see the pattern of the commonly asked topics.

The exam for CNA is in multiple-choice and is comprised of a 10-item pre-test questions and a 60-item conceptual application. These items usually include nursing assistance concepts and reading comprehension. If you do not want to shell out some bucks to get yourself an online review school, then you can resort to downloadable PDF files scattered online. These handies provide you CNA written test questions and answers for free. The following items are some examples of CNA written test questions:

A resident often carries a doll with her, treating it like her baby. One day she is wandering around crying that she can’t find her baby. The nurse aide should…

(A) ask the resident where she last had the doll.
(B) ask the activity department if they have any other dolls.
(C) offer comfort to the resident and help her look for her baby.
(D) let the other staff know the resident is very confused and should be watched closely.

Answer: C

When walking a resident, a gait or transfer belt is often…

(A) worn around the nurse aide’s waist for back support.
(B) used to keep the resident positioned properly in the wheelchair.
(C) used to help stand the resident, and then removed before walking.
(D) put around the resident’s waist to provide a way to hold onto the resident.

Answer: D

Although the thought of a multiple-choice type of exam is a bit of an advantage, you may find more than one answer from the given options. Thus, you need to figure out which one is the best answer from all the given choices. Remember that the questions are patterned from everyday scenarios. Previous examinees attest that common sense is needed to surpass CNA written testing questions. It also gauges your capability to look after the patients in a health care set-up so the more that you know your craft, the better is your chance of passing the exam.

After you have thoroughly studied your manuals and textbooks, any of the CNA written testing questions should be real easy. But you need to remember that passing the written part is just one half of your journey to being a certified nursing assistant. As echoed by previous takers, the practical exam is more nerve-wracking. Therefore, you have to master your nursing assistance skills so you can perform well not just on paper but “on stage” as well.

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