August 16, 2017

Important Facts You Must Know about Florida CNA Test Questions

Like any medical profession, certified nurse aide (CNA) are required to possess a working license. You can get a CNA certification only if you have passed the license test. To successfully pass the CNA test, you must be familiar with Florida CNA test questions . Certification exams are designed to assess the knowledge and capacity of a particular nurse aide. Failure to pass the CNA exam means that you do not suit the standards of the industry. That is why nurse aide candidates must have a good background and experience if they want to work for the CNA industry.

Nurse aides, also called as nursing assistants or geriatric aides, are trained medical professionals who assist immobile patients like the sick and the elderly. If you have the heart to help people, being a certified nursing assistant fits you well. That is why CNA candidates must answer the Florida CNA test questions properly to acquire a valid CNA certification. Certified nursing assistants guide patients in doing daily activities such as bathing, dressing and walking. Also, working as a nurse aide is a stable career since CNA workers provide long-term care for patients.

There are two parts of the CNA test: written and practical. The written part of the exam uses a multiple choice format. Basically, Florida CNA test questions in the written exam are objective type. If you do not understand written English well, you can take the test in oral English or other languages such as Spanish. The practical or hands-on portion asks candidates to perform at least (5) basic CNA skills and procedures. Every applicant is given twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes to perform the task. Your performance will be evaluated by an authorized person during the hands-on exam.

CNA candidates must take and pass both written and practical exams. You are allowed to retake the portion which you have failed in the exam. Also, most states give three attempts to nurse aide applicants in passing the exam. You won’t have any difficulty in answering Florida CNA test questions if you have prepared well for the actual test. Some of the preparation steps include creating a study guide, answering practice tests online and using flashcards.


  1. irwin finch says:

    How long is a Florida cna license vaild for?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      It usually expires on the December 31st of the odd or the even year depending on when it was issued to you. you should have the expiration date on your license card. $105 is associated with each renewal in florida

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