August 16, 2017

Important Tips In Becoming A CNA Instructor In Massachusetts

If you are thinking of becoming a professional CNA instructor in Massachusetts, then it is important that you be aware first of the proper steps to take to reach this dream of yours. It is very important that you have to attend and finish nursing school first. There are many reliable nursing schools in the state that you can enroll in such as the Simmons College located in 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA and the Regis College which you can call at 781 768 7000.

It is also important that you get your license as a registered nurse first. You can do this and become a successful CNA instructor in Massachusetts by passing the NCLEX-RN examinations. The requirements may vary a great deal by state and you may just want to research first the requirements in Massachusetts by getting in touch with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing located at 239 Causeway Street, Suite 500, 5th Flr., Boston, Massachusetts. You may call them up too at 617 973 0900.

Before you even apply for a job of a CNA instructor course in Massachusetts, it can help if you would gather up some work experience first. This can upgrade your credibility as an instructor in time and can also increase your salary rate. Remember that the more experience you have, the more chances you can have a bright career as an instructor in this field. You may start gaining some experience from clinics, schools, care facilities, and a lot more.

If being a CNA instructor in Massachusetts requires that you also have a train the trainer completion course, then you must definitely search and finish this course. And then finally, you simply carry out your goal to teach. Remember that you are not just sharing your knowledge and expertise all for the money. It is also for the purpose of helping raise better students who can become even better nursing assistants in the future who are all certified. So if you really want to pursue this course, make sure that you start the soonest so as to not waste any time. Every second counts if you want to be successful soon.

  • Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing, 239 Causeway Street, Suite 500, 5th Flr., Boston, Massachusetts, 617 973 0900
  • Simmons College, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA, 617 521 2000
  • Regis College, Ste 1, 235 Wellesley Street, Weston MA, 781 768 7000
  • Bunker Hill Community College, 250 New Rutherford Ave., Boston, MA, 617 228 2000
  • Curry College, 1071 Blue Hill Avenue, Milton, MA, 617 333 0500


  1. Morton Mack says:

    How to renew cna license in MA?

  2. Amy Trumbauer says:

    What can you do with your cna in mass?

  3. NCLEX Questions says:

    I’m in my senior year of nursing school and I can’t remember a thing that I’ve learned. Its like I could only cram all the information and now I draw a blank on everything. I’m in my senior practicum and yes I have the skills but as far as knowledge goes…its not there. Does anyone know a good way to study for the NCLEX? I need to pass this or the last 4 years would have been worthless. Does anyone have any advice that helped them pass NCLEX? I would really appreciate it?

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