August 16, 2017

Information on CNA Certification in Maine

You can receive CNA certification in Maine if you were previously certified in another state or in the military. To qualify for listing on the Maine registry, you must pass a background check, submit proof of training meeting state standards and take the test required for candidates in Maine. New nurse aide students must be at least 16 years old. You don’t have to be a high school graduate, but must have at least completed ninth grade. A 180 hour course will need to be taken to meet state requirements.


Those who need CNA certification in Maine can choose from either training in a state-approved school or training at a healthcare facility. The course is divided up into classroom instruction, lab work and supervised work with patients. Some of the many things that you’ll learn about in the classes include safety procedures and infection control, assisting patients with basic, everyday care, CPR and nutrition. Students will get experience using their nursing skills in a lab setting first. Then, these skills will be applied during clinical training with patients. After all the parts of the coursework have been completed, students will be able to take the state exam.


To get CNA certification in Maine after completing your classes, an exam will be scheduled for you. Like many other state tests, it includes a written part as well as a practical skills part. A passing score on the exam will allow you to be registered. In addition to the standard CNA exam, Maine also offers two other exams, depending on your circumstances. One is an exam for students who received non-traditional training. The other is a bridge exam for students who received training in other states that have different requirements.



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