August 22, 2017

Information on CNA Certification in Maryland

CNA Certification in Maryland is a process as in any other healthcare profession.  You must first take a training program that has been reviewed and approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing.  Check out the Board’s website at


It cannot be stressed enough that your training must be in an approved program.  Do your due diligence and make sure your not wasting your time and money.  Many programs are advertised on the Internet that is not certified by the Maryland Board of Nurses.


CNA certification in Maryland included in the approved program is 100 hours, which is a combination of class and clinical training. Your classroom hours will be intensive and it is suggested you keep up with your studies and be diligent about allocating hours for review so your certification examination will be passed.


Nursing programs for CNA students are numerous across the state of Maryland and can be found at local community colleges, high school evening programs, centers for technologies and career training, nursing homes, hospitals, and high schools.


Your training program center will give you the application to make your licensing arrangements. Enrolling in the accredited program will require the student must have a background check, commonly known as a CHRC including fingerprints.  Include a 2”x2” full-face photograph with your application as well as the fees via VISA or MasterCard credit cards only.  All fees are non-refundable for your Initial Licensure and Certification application, which you can do on line at the Maryland Board of Nursing website/


Upon completion of your training program, you will be ready to take your CNA Certification in Maryland test.  These tests are outsourced by Pearson Vue and you should go to their website for a Candidate Handbook which will also include your application for testing.  Fill out the application, pay the testing fee for your examinations (written and clinical) and wait for your entrance ticket and the date, time, and testing facility.   While you are waiting for all of this process, review, review and review.  Testing re-takes cost money so you really only want to pay once.


Good luck!


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