August 22, 2017

Just Where Can I Get My CNA Certification?

Anywhere You Want

Where can I get my CNA certification”? Anywhere you want to get it! You have so many options available in the United States that it is almost unreal. Not only are classes offered in your state, your neighborhood, and your proximity, but you can get it all over the country. You can live in Washington, yet get CNA certified in Texas!

It sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. CNA positions are in high demand and classes are getting harder and harder to get into. You can travel, if you wish, to get certified in any state. However, most choose to stay close to home, and with a poor economic state and soaring gas prices, it’s no wonder.

Try calling up the community college and asking the continuing education director, “where can I get my CNA certification”? They are used to this question by now and can always tell you the information you need to know. Most likely the answer will be, “right here”! And hey, that’s a great place to start!

The community college in all states usually turn out more CNA’s than any other type of institution. Mostly, the reason being is because of financial aid. Getting certified can be costly, so colleges usually offer financial aid to students so they can pursue the career of their dreams.

Community college not for you? Maybe classes are completely full and there seems to be a waiting list as long as the Golden gate bridge? Well, call up the Red Cross chapter in your area and, again, ask “where can I get my CNA certification”? They most likely offer classes right at the facility!

Most, but certainly not all, chapters of the Red Cross offer CNA certification classes. All you have to do is give them a ring! The worst thing they can say is that they do not offer them there, but that classes are offered at other locations. They should be able to tell you where to call or go for more information regarding your question.

If that doesn’t fit you either, you can call up local hospitals. Yes, hospitals are busy, but they also need employees, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Usually, asking the human resources secretary, “where can I get my CNA certification”, is a good start. The secretary will have an answer for you, or can tell you what you need to do to enroll there.

Lastly, try online. The internet has become a source of education in today’s world which is bursting at the seems! Just do a little reading and you will see a sea of information available right at your finger tips. Some online classes are free, some are scams, and some are legit. Contact the site owner or director and ask them, “where can I get my CNA certification”, and they will pour out a ton of information on you!


  1. How do i get my cna license?

  2. How do i get cna certified?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Getting certified starts with the basic education level. You should have a high school diploma. even a GED would suffice. After this, you have to undergo CNA training. Based on this, you can take up a certification exam and get this done

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