August 18, 2017

Knowing More About CNA Schools in Melbourne

There is not much difference between the job description of nurse aides in America and in Australia. They are still responsible for giving assistance to a registered nurse (RN) or to a physician supervising health care services under a particular medical facility. Generally, nurse aides in Australia support the patient in their daily activities while overseeing their personal hygiene and maintaining the storage and operation of equipment. Nonetheless, nurse aides who completed trainings are popularly labelled as certified nursing assistants in America while nurse assistants in Australia are named Assistant in Nursing (AIN). There is also a big difference when it comes to job application requirements between the two countries. Thus, one can expect that CNA schools in Melbourne and other parts of the country provide courses and trainings different from those in America.

Before one can become an assistant in nursing in Melbourne, he or she needs to be qualified for Technical and Further Education needed to have AIN Certificate III in Acute Care. Employers are also only allowed to hire nurse assistants with certificate III in Aged Care or with proof of continuing studies for enrolled nurses (EN) or registered (RN) training programs. Thus, career advancement trainings from CNA schools in Melbourne serves as a requirement for employment and not just for qualifications in higher positions.

Most CNA schools in Melbourne require the students to submit a high school certificate or diploma for them to qualify for the training programs. College graduates of non-nursing degree programs wanting to pursue a job as nurses are also welcome to enrol. Having completed courses in biology, mathematics or any areas of science are favoured but not necessarily required. One the students get accepted in the training programs for AINs, they will be trained in theoretical and hands-on basic nursing classes. The duration of the training depends on the school chosen by the students, and the type of certification they are aiming for. On average, primary training for AINs last for 5 months, while Certificate III classes can extend up to 11 months.

Graduating from CNA schools in Melbourne qualifies the students for the licensing examination which is comprised of 60 to 70 multiple choice questions. Most schools provide them with samples in order for the students to set the most reasonable expectations on the exam. Alongside the written tests, the students are also required to pass the hands-on skills test in which they are tasked to demonstrate their understanding and application of what they learned from the school.

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