August 16, 2017

Knowing more about CNA Testing Questions

Many of the first time takers of the certified nursing assistant exam have no idea about what to expect from this test. You may be wondering on how the questions are structured and what possible questions may appear. Preparing for CNA testing questions will considerably increase your competence to this assessment examination. Doing mock exams and sample testing exams will be a great help in assisting you to be familiarize with the type of questions that may appear. Answering sample tests will also refresh your memory about your previous lessons. This will help you remember different concepts and techniques that you learn from your previous discussions and trainings.

The nursing assistant exam is generally composed of questions referring to several randomly chosen skills from the wide range of skills taught throughout the course of your training. CNA testing questions would assess your capabilities in correctly performing different skills such as accurately measuring and recording weight, urinary output, blood pressure, radial pulse, respirations, among many others.

You should also specifically review your lessons on assisting with use of bedpan, cleaning dentures, making an occupied bed, feeding client who cannot feed himself or herself, giving modified bed bath, providing fingernail care, providing perineal care particularly for female clients, removing the clothing or gown of your clients, transferring your client from bed to wheelchair using transfer belt and vice versa, among many other essential practices conducted by a registered nursing assistant. These are some of CNA testing questions that may be included in the exam.

Now, you have a basic background on the range of questions that may appear. Make sure that you have reviewed all the skills you have learned. Make sure that you know how these skills are correctly performed step-by-step because some of the questions may be tricky. Some of the questions may assess your knowledge about the small details of each skill that most people tend to disregard. These details should not be ignored because they are essential to the safety of your client.

Lastly, the exam will be mostly in multiple-choice questions so don’t forget to read the CNA testing questions carefully and always choose the best answer among the choices. Always remember that preparation is always the key.

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