August 22, 2017

Knowing the Areas with Higher CNA salary in NJ

Compared to its neighbouring states, New Jersey does not have as much job openings for certified nursing assistants. One of the reasons may be the lack of CNA schools in the state, and the limited number of nursing homes that usually make up most of the demands for CNAs. One can therefore expect that the job applications of licensed nurse aides in NJ won’t be as easy. While these information may discourage a lot of nurse aides from applying for jobs in the state, note that the CNA salary in NJ has never failed to attract job applications from CNAs across the country.

According to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics, entry level positions for CNAs in New Jersey can entail salary rates that amount to $29,000 per year. This, of course, depends on the location of the facility the nurse aides are working in, along with the type of institution they are employed in. Hospitals and clinics usually give higher wages, but nursing homes and retirement communities provide more benefits to their personnel while giving more job advancement and training opportunities. These factors that affect CNA salary in NJ, therefore, should be the primary consideration of nurse aides once they decide to apply for career opportunities in the state.

From surveys conducted by the board of CNAs and nurse aide registry, the Edison area is found to have the highest wages for certified nursing assistants. The Vineland area comes next in the list of regions with the most competitive salary for CNAs. It is in these areas that CNAs enjoy an hourly wage of $12.56. In fact, the BLS in 2009 recorded that the 25th percentile earns $14.61 per hour. The highest 10 % enjoys salary rate of $16.66 per hour.

With the difficulty of applying for jobs in the area, nonetheless, most CNAs employed in New Jersey are those who are tenured in the medical facility they are working in. This may be accounted for the high CNA salary in NJ, as nurse aides earn more as they gain experience in the profession. Vineland and Edison area remain to be the regions with the easiest employment of CNAs. New Jersey, nonetheless, currently have more than 50,000 CNAs employed in different parts of the state. Should you wish to be included in this group, you may want to consider applying at the following:

  • Meridian Health, 100 Commons Way # 120, Holmdel, (732) 450-2920
  • Medical Staffing Network, 1255 New Jersey 70 Lakewood, NJ 08701-5900, (732) 886-9914
  • Genesis Healthcare, 290 Red School Lane, Phillipsburg, (908) 859-2800
  • Golden Living, 6989 Route 18 Old Bridge, NJ 08857, (732) 360-2277
  • Cedas Homecare, 1311 Durham Avenue, South Plainfield, (732) 248-1231

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