September 23, 2017

Knowing the CNA pay Rate in Baltimore

Most Americans look down on nurse aide as they are often left with the messiest and most stressful jobs in a particular medical or long-term health care facility. One of the common misconceptions of people includes the impression that certified nursing assistant jobs come with the dirtiest works and the most meagre income. While this can be the case in other parts of the country, large cities like Baltimore can give amiable wages for CNAs. Given the sophisticated medical equipment and continuously improving facilities, CNA do not face as much stress as other nurse aides working in neighboring states do. Thus, CNA pay rate in Baltimore serves more as a plus factor than an object for criticism among medical personnel.

Note that the annual salary received by a nurse aide depends on several factors. States have varying rates for CNAs, as well as different facilities. Hospitals generally pay lower than nursing homes which employs most of the CNAs. Benefit packages and other privileges and extended to nurse aides working in health care facilities, too. The location of the institutions the CNAs are working in may as well affect their yearly CNA pay rate in Baltimore.

The Bureau of Labour and Statistics gives an estimate of $29,000 annual CNA pay rate in Baltimore. This is actually 1% lower than the average income of nurse aides in America. Nonetheless, the CNA pay in the city increases as the nurse aides gain more experience. Getting night, weekend and holiday shifts may also help in surging the pay rates as employers give night differentials and overtime pay to nurse aides with schedules as such.

The estimated CNA pay rate in Baltimore translates to having $14.50 hourly payment. After a few months of working in a hospital, hospice, nursing home or retirement center, nonetheless, the rate may increase up to $17-$18 per hour. This would then give an annual salary that would range up t $36,000 every year. Individuals who cannot find satisfaction with this rate may strive to get promoted from being Nurse Aide I to Nurse Aide II. They may as well continue their training and education to becomes registered nurses and enjoy an average salary of $45,000 to $50,000 annually in Baltimore. The following school may offer CNA programs and career advancement trainings:

  • Caroline Center, 900 Somerset Street, Baltimore – (410) 563-1303
  • Stein Academy, 600 Reisterstown Rd # 416, Pikesville – (410) 922-3636
  • Baltimore City Community College, Fl 1, 55 Market Place, Baltimore – (410) 659-6728
  • Catonsville Community College, 800 South Rolling Road, Catonsville – (410) 455-6050
  • Edmondson-Westside High School, 501 North Athol Avenue, Baltimore – (410) 396-0685
  • Milford Mill Academy, 3800 Washington Avenue, Baltimore – (410) 887-0660

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