August 22, 2017

Learn How to Become Certified Nursing Assistant in Washington

Not everyone who needs to know how to become certified nursing assistant in Washington is completely new to the field. Many nurse’s aides move to Washington from other states and hold a current CNA certification. When one is licensed in another state, he or she can request an endorsement if the training and certification meet state standards. Those who have certain types of prior military nursing training may be able to take the CNA exam without additional courses. Previously-trained CNAs with certification more than 2 years old will need to be re-trained.

When you learn how to become certified nursing assistant in Washington, you’ll find that being a CNA is an important job. Nurse’s aides fulfill many of the everyday tasks that relate to patient care in long-term care facilities, such as dressing, bathing and other routine care. In a hospital setting, a CNA might be responsible for checking a patient’s vitals. Colleges and vocational schools usually offer the required courses. The course will take a total of 85 hours to complete. A seven-hour course on HIV/AIDs is also required.

The NNAAP exam is required after the mandatory coursework is completed. This is a crucial part of how to become certified nursing assistant in Washington, because you can’t be licensed without a passing grade. You can view sample test questions online to get a better idea of what you’ll need to study. Your application will need to be sent at the same time a testing packet is requested. A $107 fee is assessed at this time. If you pass the exam, you’ll be entered into the state’s registry for nursing assistants.


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