August 23, 2017

Learn How to CNA License

CNA training is useful both for entering a CNA career and as a start towards becoming a Registered Nurse. Learning how to CNA license will involve looking into the course opportunities in your area. Many free and low-cost options are available. Some free or low-cost courses are offered when a new nurse’s assistant commits to working at a certain healthcare facility. If you choose to go to a school to become a CNA, many vocational schools and community colleges offer the necessary classes. In many cases, you can apply credits earned from your CNA coursework towards an associates’ or bachelors’ degree in nursing.

One of the things you’ll learn about how to CNA license is that minimum requirements vary by state. Some states require high school graduation, while others don’t. Non-high school graduates may be able to enter a program that allows them to earn a GED at the same time as their CNA license. In most cases, you will have to already be 18. Some high school students in 11th or 12th grade may be able to start CNA training while they’re finishing their high school courses. In addition to these basic requirements, you may have to take a reading test.

After you find out how to CNA license, you’ll need to take the courses, either through a school or directly at a healthcare facility. Your courses will cover instruction in a classroom setting, as well as practicing skills hands-on in a clinical setting. The instructors will be experienced nurses who have specially trained in CNA instruction. When you’ve completed the classes that are part of the program, an exam must be taken that covers the skills you’ve learned. This includes a written part, as well as a practical demonstration. When you’ve completed and passed the exam, you’ll receive a valid CNA license.


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