August 22, 2017

Learn More about Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Questions for NC

The employment for certified nursing assistants or CNA is strongly increasing because of the expanding medical industry in the U.S. In order to become part of the growing nursing industry, you need to take and pass the CNA license test. You have to answer the certified nursing assistant exam questions for NC correctly to get an official nursing license. Nurse assistants are medical workers tasked to provide care and attention to their patients. Even if the tasks can be sometimes demanding, CNAs are receiving a good pay rate, usually earning an average $10 per hour.

The actual CNA license test is divided into written and hands-on portions. Applicants must complete and pass the certification exam on the same day. The written portion asks objective type of certified nursing assistant exam test questions for NC . Most CNA written exam consists of seventy (70) questions and uses a multiple choice format. However, the number of questions and passing score of the written exam depend on the state where you belong. Basic CNA concepts and procedures will be asked in this particular portion.

The hands-on portion will require applicants to demonstrate essential CNA skills. CNA applicants must be able to perform at least five (5) skills, which will be assessed by an authorized evaluator. You have to perform each certified nursing assistant exam questions for NC perfectly to pass the hands-on part of the test. Each applicant is given twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes to do each skill. Common medical procedures like taking blood pressure and pulse rate will be asked to be performed in the practical test. You must always remember that you have to pass both written and hands-on exams to qualify for CNA license.

The good thing is that applicants are given the chance to take the test again if they have failed. Most states in the country grant three attempts to nursing aspirants to pass the CNA certification exam. You can also retake the portion of the exam on which you failed. Your goal must to answer most certified nursing assistant exam questions for NC correctly. You can do that by having good preparation. Preparation tips include making a study guide, using flashcards, or taking CNA practice tests online.


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