August 23, 2017

Learn More About the CNA Certification Exam Questions

If you want to work for a medical career, you should think about becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA). It is important to note that workers who are not certified cannot work for any nursing positions. Every state in the U.S requires nursing assistants to possess a working license and answer the CNA certification exam questions correctly. To fail the license test means that you are not ready to work as a CNA. The CNA certification test is designed to challenge your knowledge and skills about your incoming profession. Once you have passed the license exam, you will be included in the official list of certified nursing assistants in your state by the Nurse Aide Registry.

The CNA test is divided into written and practical portions. Each applicant must complete and pass both examinations to be qualified for certification. CNA certification exam questions are easy if you have a good preparation. There are several ways to prepare you for the actual test. You can start by creating a study guide based on your past lessons from training school. With the guide, you will be able to review basic CNA concepts. Another way is to take practice tests available in numerous CNA online sites.

You can take both written and practical exams on the same day. The written portion asks objective type of CNA certification exam questions . This portion often uses a multiple choice format and consists of seventy questions. However, the number of questions and the passing score of the written test depends from state to state. For those applicants who have difficulty in understanding written English, you can actually the take the test in oral English or other languages like Spanish.

The second part is the practical or hands-on exam, which requires CNA candidates perform basic CNA skills and procedures. Applicants must demonstrate at least five (5) CNA certification exam questions to be assessed by an authorized person. You have to perform all the skills perfectly to pass this particular portion. Procedures like bedpan use, modified bed bath, and denture cleaning will be executed in the practical test. Also, applicants should not worry if they failed the CNA exam since most states in the U.S. give three attempts to nursing assistant candidates to pass the test.


  1. Amber Lynch says:

    I am inquiring about getting my CNA certification based on experience. I completed my Surgical Technology degree and have worked as a caregiver and medical assistant for several years. Due to my schooling and experience, I was told that I could receive my certification in North Carolina by taking a test. Please contact me via email.
    Thank you

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Best is to contact either of the addresses below: Center for Aide Regulation and Education (CARE) Branch – Mailing Address:

      Center for Aide Regulation and Education
      2709 Mail Service Center
      Raleigh, NC 27699-2709
      Health Care Personnel Registry (HCPR) Section and HCPR Investigations Branch – Mailing Address:

      Health Care Personnel Registry – Investigations Branch
      2719 Mail Service Center
      Raleigh, NC 27699-2719
      Check this information with them and that would help

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