August 20, 2017

Life-Saving CNA Duties at a Hospital

Nurse aides are medical workers who are specifically assigned in a unit in a hospital. They are assigned to emergency rooms, delivery rooms, pediatrics and geriatrics sections intensive care units, and regular wards. Nursing aides are hospital personnel who are assigned to a specific room where their patients are located likewise the registered nurse they are compelled to report to. The CNA must finish her shift or work overtime until her incoming nurse assistant arrives. She must be alert at all times especially when she is assigned to units that need more attention. These are the emergency rooms, intensive care units, delivery rooms and sometimes operating rooms. One of the CNA duties at a hospital includes providing aide in women who just gave birth to patients, if assigned at the delivery room and postpartum units

A CNA assigned to the pediatrics department aids the registered nurse in giving the required medicine to children, showing gentle and tender loving care to them. She must have the ability to appease the heart and mind of children. If and when a nurse aide is assigned to the geriatrics unit, as one of her CNA duties at a hospital she gets to deal with elderly patients. Elderly patients are sometimes hard to deal with. They believe they have seen everything and will tell endless stories about their past experiences.

One of the CNA duties at a hospital include reporting to the registered nurse the development of the patients assigned to her. Upon reporting the registered nurse gives her the tasks for the day. This means the nurse aide has to monitor the blood pressure of a patient, assisting the patient in toilet and bath services, changing bed covers and a host of available tasks that are vital to the patients.

The nursing aide who is assigned to a patient takes care of the patient until the patient is fully discharged. One of the CNA duties at a hospital includes gathering of the hospital properties used by the discharged patient and preparing it for proper inventory. She must act as an escort to the patient and provide a wheelchair if necessary. A CNA employed at a hospital includes good public service to her patients.

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