August 18, 2017

Look Into CNA Certification in Texas

CNA Certification is Texas is a very similar process to what it takes across the country to begin at the ground level in a healthcare service. CNA’s are in demand and Texas is a huge state which has a large veteran population.

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services is the agency at the State level and the records are called the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. How do you get into the registry? You have two options: take a state approve training course or, be a CNA from another state and get your license via reciprocity or by the process of a waiver.

The requirement to move into a training program does not require a high school diploma. You must be sixteen years old to enter the program. You do however need to apply to train that is approved Nurse Aid Training and Competency Evaluation Program. This is vital. The course has to be approved by the State of Texas so do your homework and make sure you pay for a course that will get you to the competency exam.

The training course in two sections, classroom and then clinical practicals, the skills you will need to serve our patients. Classroom lecture and then hands-on patient clinical care ability. Most courses in Texas to meet the State requirements have a total of fifty-one hours of instruction in the classroom and twenty-four hours of clinical practicals that you would use on your patients.

Texas is a state, which offers certification to veterans of the military with 100 hours of training. You have options with CNA Certification in Texas. Plan your course of action and get started. Make intelligent decisions as you have the ability to join the health care professionals and start an exciting career. A CNA certified professional often leap to a higher level after taking the basic course.

As you take your training, remember how important it is to study and dedicate a part of the day for your material review. This will help you when you take your certification exam. It is an investment of time you set aside that is well spent.

The course will take about six months. There are many state approved courses in Texas and you can also find online training or train at a facility as a nursing home or other geriatric facility as you will be given great exposure to the field and they will cover your training. About thirty days prior to your course completion, apply to the outside vendor Pearson/Vue who administers the applications and testing centers. This information will be given to you by your training class instructor.

You will need to apply to Pearson/Vue as the State of Texas requires a background check and fingerprints. All of this takes time so work on while you are completing your studies.

CNA Certification in Texas is an intelligent jump off to a career or you can remain as a CNA and enjoy being the person on the front lines of health care. Good luck!


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