August 16, 2017

Looking At CNA Certification Exam Skills

You have studied hard, devoted money, time, and your little expendable time to study for your program for your new career as a CNA.  Now it is time to refresh for your CNA Certification Exam Skills.

Your certification examination, which is developed and mandated by the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP), will be in two sections.  The first section will be the Written Examination and you can also choose to take the Oral Examination.  The Skills Evaluation will also be administered on the same day.


Both sections of the CNA Certification Exam Skills will be graded separately and if you fail one section you can retake.  Prepare, study, review, and plug away before you take the test so you can pass both sections the first day.


The written portion of the examination usually consists of seventy (70) multiple-choice questions.  If you choose the Oral Examination, you have ten less questions but the fee for the test will be slightly higher.  Choosing the Oral exam if you are challenged with English, you will need to make that request when you make application to take the test.

You will have about two hours to complete the written examination.


You can prepare for your written or oral test by taking practice tests that you can find online or within the Candidate Handbook from your testing vendor.  Take advantage of this material so you can be well prepared.


The CNA Certification Exam Skills will include five (5) CNA skills that will be selected at random. The Skills Evaluation area may look as similar as your work setting in a hospital or similar setting.  The “client” will be a volunteer and it is suggested you speak to her or him as a real patient. It will help you relax.


“Critical Element Steps” must be demonstrated correctly in order to receive a passing grade. You will be given other skills to perform and hand washing will always be one of them.  Prepare well and you will pass the tests and you will know when you leave the testing facility if you have done well and then placed in your State Nurse’s Registry.  Now you can look for a job and jump off to a new career!



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