August 18, 2017

Making Choice with CNA schools in Newcastle

Nursing schools are generally one of the hardest to get into, given the tight competition among program applicants and the strictness of admissions. Then again, there are some students who prefer to apply for lower training programs first such as those for nurse aides and licensed practical nurses before they get a formal education for a BS nursing degree. Doing so would give them significant experience, sufficient background about nursing and edge over other voluminous number of students struggling to get accepted in a school with limited slots for nursing degrees. It is then important that one chooses the best CNA schools in Newcastle Australia, which is one of the regions with most number of nursing program applicants every year.

Getting into CNA training providers such as the Essential Skills Training which can be contacted by calling 1 300 774 846 or mailing at PO Box 984 Hamilton NSW 2303 may give students several options of courses available – all of which can be used as a credential for employment or in the admissions for career advancement training programs upon completion. Classes centered on Ages Care, Community Care, providing services for disabled patients, career management, communication and other health services. These skills acquired from CNA schools in Newcastle are not only necessary for attaining an amiable score from the licensure exam; these also serve as a jumpstart for higher nursing classes required for the students to become a registered nurse.

Studying in CNA schools in Newcastle, however, is different from other training centers established for future nurse aides from other countries. The students can opt to continue the training to become a licensed nurse or get higher certifications as Assistants in Nursing (AIN) which may allow them to continue their careers as nursing assistants, but with higher pays and more stable positions. Certificates III and IV in aged care are the most in demand programs today among many schools, because of the government’s shift of investment from hospitals and clinics to nursing homes and long-term health care facilities.

It is then not surprising that as the nursing home industries flourish in the country, the more positions are made and more students come to CNA schools in Newcastle, not to get initial training for nursing careers but to remain as nursing assistants and earn more income. Requirements for Certificate III Aged Care among schools often include copy of grades from Year 12 along with police clearances and working experiences in the field of nursing should there be any. On the other hand, Certificate IVs include pre-requisites such as 12 months of Certificate III training and 6 units Certificate III in Aged Care CHC30208.

  • Casey College, 51/1 Market Square, Hunter Street Mall Newcastle NSW 2300, 02 4927 5180
  • University of Newcastle AIN/Carer at Uniting Care, Newcastle Area, Australia | Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Avondale Retirement Village, Freemans Drive Cooranbong, NSW, 02 497 710 71

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