August 22, 2017

Making the most of the Test Questions and Answers Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistants are integral parts in the proper treatment of patients. They are the personnel who assist the registered nurses in the administration of the process of treating patients in and out of hospitals. The nurse assistants work in hospitals, health centers, home for the aged, nursing homes, delivery rooms and other units of hospices. Nurse assistants, who have finished a training course in community schools and colleges, or medical teaching facility, have to take a Certified Nurse Assistant exam. Potential candidates for having a CNA license must have an idea about the test questions and answers nursing assistants. Some of these questions need the proper training and some are related to the important experiences the nurse aide gained in the practical phase of their studies.

The Certified Nurse Assistant exam is divided into 2 sets- the written and the practical exam. The practical exam requires the Certified Nurse Assistant exam taker to present some important facets about his job to a volunteer. The written part of the exam is just like a regular written exam wherein you have to choose the correct answer. A total of seventy questions are to be answered. Here are some questions and answers nursing assistants to be looked upon. Please take note that these test questions and answers nursing assistants do not only require theories learned from the nurse assistant course, but some questions have to be answered using alert common sense.

The Certified Nurse Assistant must have the necessary answers to the question. Test questions and answers nursing assistants are somewhat tricky. Here are some of them: What is the proper way to wash your hands? Who is the ombudsman? What do you call the exercise wherein you move every muscle and joint? How many ml. are there in 1 liter?

How often must the nurse aide change the position of the patient who is bed ridden? When is the proper time to feed a baby who’s running a fever? Where is the mother transferred right after giving childbirth? How do you talk to a patient in distress? These are some topics to think about. test questions and answers nursing assistants are reasonably easy if the exam taker had listened intently to the instructor of the nurse assistant program.

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