August 22, 2017

Massachusetts CNA Training & Certification

To become a CNA prospective students must meet minimum qualifications. Massachusetts CNA training & certification programs require all applicants to have a high school diploma. Completion of a GED course is also acceptable. Applicants are also required to have fingerprint cards and criminal background checks prior to a license being issued. A copy of TB shots and results are also required at the time of the application. Results for TB should be no older than six months from the date of the application.

Most information is due at the time of enrollment. Enrollment counselors can also help qualifying students receive financial aid. Grants are provided to individuals with a financial need and do not have to be repaid. Massachusetts CNA training & certification programs are 75 hours of state approved course work and up to 100 hours of clinical training. All training must be finished before students are eligible for the exam. The exam tests a student’s knowledge of the coursework and their ability to practice what they have learned.

There are many programs that offer CNA training within the state. The most common are community colleges, community centers and technical or vocational institutions. Students will learn under the supervision of a Registered nurse with a minimum of three years experience. Clinical rotations are usually performed in a medical setting for maximum educational benefits.

Massachusetts CNA training & certification programs provide many individuals with the skills they need to advance in the field. It can also lead to better positions in the medical field. Many students who have earned their CNA license can go on to become RN’s or LPN’s. The medical field is always looking for well-qualified individuals and most states require all medical professionals to have a license. Annual earnings can range from $24,000 for entry level and $31,000 for those with more experience.


  1. How do i become a CNA instructor in Massachusetts?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      NCLEX-RN should be taken by RNs who are interested to become CNA instructors. Here, it is important to contactBoard of Registration in Nursing located at 239 Causeway Street, Suite 500, 5th Flr., Boston, Massachusetts to get detailed information in this regard

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