September 23, 2017

Missouri CNA License: How To Obtain One?

There is no doubt that doctors and nurses are the backbone for any healthcare facility. Doctors and nurses have to attend college for many years to become a specialist in their field so that they can impart good treatment to their patients. But in case, you were not aware, doctors and nurses depend on individuals who can help them provide and maintain a high level of health care.

If you are interested in working as a healthcare professional, then you might be interested in becoming a CNA. A certified nursing assistant is an ideal method to get into the healthcare industry as it gives you the opportunity to work alongside with doctors and nurses to improve the quality of patient care.

Here is how you can get your Missouri CNA license.

Missouri CNA certification requirements: The first step to get your certification as a CNA in Missouri, you must complete a certification program from a community college that has been approved by the state’s nursing board. To enroll in a community college, the applicant has to submit fingerprint cards that prove he/she has a clean criminal background.

Even though you complete your CNA certification course successfully, you will be required to submit the above documents without which you can’t get your CNA license. According to federal law a CNA certificate program usually last up to 13 weeks. You will have to acquire at least 80 accredited class hours and 100 hours of clinical hours to appear for your CNA exam.

Once you pass your CNA exam successfully with an excellent score, you will be issued with a CNA license. The state nursing board of Missouri is responsible for issuing certificates to nursing assistants who have completed their course successfully. The website of the state nursing board of Missouri usually contains a list of CNAs who are approved by them.

Required hours to take the Missouri CNA exam: The state of Missouri as a CNA student you will have to attend a minimum of 75 hours theory or class work and a minimum of 100 hours practical. The CNA certification course takes around three months to six months to complete. This depends on the CNA certification school or college from where you are planning to do your certification from.

Missouri CNA certification prerequisites: To enroll yourself in a community college or vocational school, you will be required to provide two fingerprint cards along with a photo ID, and two passport size photos. You must also provide the school with a negative TB test done recently in 6 months along with proof. According to federal laws a CNA must be at least 18 years of age when joining a CNA certification course and have passed high school diploma or GED.

You too can get your Missouri CNA license by using the above steps. Contact details are as given below:
Department of Health & Senior Services
P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570
Attn: Health Education Unit
Phone: 573-526-5686
Fax: 573-526-7656

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