August 22, 2017

No G.E.D CNA Program IL

There are numerous schools that require no G.E.D CNA program IL. You can train to become a nursing assistant as long as you have a high school diploma. If you have not taken any general education courses, you may still complete the training program since general requirements for admission is either a high school diploma or a GED. You do not have to have both since one of the two is already enough when applying for a CNA program.

From among the different schools in Illinois, you can apply for a CNA program to become a certified nursing assistant. The Chicago State University also offers prospective students with no G.E.D CNA Program IL. You do not have to worry about completing a GED before applying for a CNA program. The Career Training Center of Chicago also offers the program requiring students of either a high school diploma or GED.

While many institutions require a GED, there are also a lot of institutions that do offer no G.E.D CNA program IL. This makes CNA programs still possible to take even without a prior GED. You can start searching online for schools that do not require a GED. You can also visit schools in and around your area to find a CNA program even without a GED.

Prospective students can also take GED if the schools within the location requires for it. As a matter of fact, schools where the CNA training is administered can also be good sites for GED education. Local community colleges offer both CNA programs and GED.

You can take the training from any institution that has available no G.E.D CNA program IL. Most schools would list their requirements making it easier for you to determine if you qualify or not. Often times, the schools administering the CNA program also offers GED classes which you can take. If you can pass the CNA exam, it is also given that you will be able to pass the GED exam. For more information regarding schools offering the program without a GED, you may refer to the list provided below.

  • Chicago State University, 9501 South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60628, (773) 995-2000
  • Career Training Center of Chicago, 3525 West Peterson Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60659,(773) 539-9388
  • Carl Sandburg College, 2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd., Galesburg, IL 61401, (309) 344-2518
  • Bits and Bytes Training Institute, 7705 West Main Street, Belleville, Illinois 62223, (618) 397-3131
  • Bloomington Area Vocational Center, 1202 East Locust, Bloomington, IL 61702, (309) 829-8671


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