August 22, 2017

North Carolina CNA Certification: How To Get One?

As the awareness and demand for quality health care is increasing, employment opportunities for certified nursing assistants or CNAs too, shall increase. There are several state-approved CNA training programs available for the residents of North Carolina.

What is a CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistants are also referred as nursing aides. They help the patients with routine living tasks like noting vital signs, bathing, grooming, feeding and dressing. Job opportunities for CNAs are available in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, adult day care centers, hospitals, and home health agencies.

North Carolina Community College Programs

There are several North Carolina’s community colleges which offer state approved CNA training programs. The duration of most of the North Carolina CNA Certification programs are three to four months. Classroom training is followed by working in a clinical setting and is included in the training program of this course. The contents of this North Carolina CNA Certification course are basic nursing skills, home safety and nutrition and physical, mental and emotional changes in the elderly. The eligibility for this North Carolina CNA Certification course is a high school diploma or GED.

Private CNA Schools

North Carolina residents can also undertake state approved CNA training courses in private schools focusing in health care training. One such example is the Nurse Aide Institute of Excellence in Charlotte. Such schools usually offer a short duration training program, of three to four weeks in duration. The Charlotte school integrates clinical training into the class work, rather than including it at the conclusion of the program. The Charlotte school requires the applicants who fail to posses a high school diploma or GED, to pass a basic skills test. Few of the schools, may require the diploma or GED.

Other Types of CNA Training

The High schools in North Carolina are permitted to offer approved nursing assistant training through their Health Occupation Education programs. The availability differs from one high school to another. There are a few nursing homes and other places of employment which require their CNAs to be at least 18 years of age. North Carolina nursing homes which are approved by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services also offer nursing assistant training. In some cases, the training is free in case the student wishes to work for the facility upon the course completion.

Certification Exam

As per the requirement of North Carolina, the prospective CNAs are supposed to complete a certification examination prior to going to work. The state deals with the Pearson VUE testing agency to govern the exam. The tests results to the Nurse Aide I Registry are reported by the testing agency. There are a few schools which offer test preparation or tutoring for those students who fail to pass the exam in the first attempt. The present expenses of the exam are $96 and it fails to include the cost of any training program.

North Carolina CNA Certification

Additional Courses

Most of the North Carolina CNA training programs further offers CNA “refresher” courses. These courses are helpful for those people who have an expired certification or for those CNAs who has worked in another state and wish to work in North Carolina. There are a few schools which offer medication aide training for a CNA who wishes to receive additional training to direct medications.


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  2. How to get cna certification?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      The first step to this would be to get enrolled in a CNA training course near your area. Even online courses are available. Hands on offered during the training needs in person visits to clinics. However, to get enrolled in training and then take up certification, you need to have a high school diploma or a GED

  3. CNA Class Online says:

    i have had a terrible time looking for jobs in my area. the restaurants and businesses are not hiring, so i have gotten a CNA job, and the nursing home is giving me a class to recieve the CNA, for free. i was very excited, but today realized i will have to wash old man’s little balls, etc. so how am i supposed to deal with this? help? everything except that seems fine to me. i’m a great caring person, but…

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