August 22, 2017

Nurse Aide Candidates Must Prepare for Essay Questions for CNA

A nurse aide who has finished attending a training course must take the certification test. Just like most medical professions, nurse aides are required to gain a CNA certification to be eligible for employment. Applicants must be answer the test question properly, especially the essay questions for CNA . Nurse aides, also called as geriatric aides or nursing assistants, are medical workers that provide long-term service to sick and immobile patients. They are tasked to assist their patients in doing daily activities like eating and bathing. CNA workers also do simple clinical procedures such as recording urinary output and taking blood pressure from patients.

Getting a CNA license is the last step to be a certified nursing assistant. That is why most CNA candidates prepare themselves well for the actual test. There are two portions of the certification test: written and clinical. The essay questions for CNA is part of the written exam. There are several ways to study the CNA license exam. Applicants can make a study guide that will contain essential information about the nursing assistant profession. Another way to review for the exam is by using practice tests online. The good thing is that most CNA websites offer sample test questions just for free.

The CNA exam, also called as the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Examination (NNAAP), measures the knowledge and capacity of a nurse aide candidate. If the CNA applicant failed to pass the certification test, he or she is not ready to work for the CNA industry. The essay questions for CNA will check your clinical background about the profession. The essay part may deal with various subjects like preventing the spread of infections, knowing vital signs and cleaning bedpans.

There is no need to worry if you did not pass the CNA certification test during your first attempt. Most states in the U.S. actually give three chances to nursing applicants in passing the test. Good preparation is necessary if you really want to pass the license test. You must study the essay questions for CNA and the clinical portion, which will require CNA applicants to perform basic nursing skills and procedures.

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