September 23, 2017

Nurse Assistant State Test Questions: Important Topics to Dwell On

About $26,000 per year is the starting salary of a Certified Nursing Aide. The duties of a nursing aide vary on the needs of a patient basis. A nurse aide acts as a caregiver to patients of all ages. She must have answered the nurse assistant state test questions correctly to be a certified nurse aid. Different diseases require different approaches of attending to patients. Different types of assistance must be given to patients in different units in a hospital. The basic tasks that a nurse aide is required to do include bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, taking vital signs, ambulating, and oftentimes giving assurances to patients and lending an ear to the client’s constant whining.

In nurse assistant courses, you are trained in all sorts of nursing skills. A regular classroom session teaches the theories of basic nursing. The classroom session focuses on the purpose of giving the students the information they need to prepare them in the next phase of the program which is to perform clinical and laboratory practice. After taking a course in nurse aide program, you have to take the licensure exam and answer the nurse assistant state test questions with confidence.

The nurse assistant state test questions are based on the theories learned by students as well as some clinical and practical questions. Let me show you some topics that you have to review. Know the ways to provide the necessary way to handle patients of ages and sizes. This includes the proper technique of holding a delicate infant and the most appropriate way of holding an old man who is on a wheelchair.

Another important topic to major on is the proper feeding techniques. This includes the diet of the patient. Two different patients with two different illnesses have two different diets and two different feeding schedules. Still another essential issue is the proper technique of administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support. This skill is very important because it really needs medical practice as against common sense. These three topics are but some of the essential subjects that a nurse aide has to master. In obtaining a license, the most important thing to remember is to answer the nurse assistant state test questions properly.

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