September 23, 2017

Nurses Aide Certification Questions

Certified nursing aide classes requires about 75 hours of classroom instruction and clinical practices. After you have finished the course, it doesn’t mean that you are qualified for a job position right away. You have to be able to pass the nursing assistant certification exam to be able to get a spot in the healthcare industry. To be able to pass the qualifying exam, you have to answer nurses aide certification questions correctly and obtain a passing mark.

The examination contains written parts and practical skill gauging. If you are unable to pass the first part, which is the written exam, then you will not qualify for the next set of exam, although this ruling vary from one state to another. To be able to pass the test, you must get at least 80% correct answers from answering the nurses aide certification questions. This is a general percentage that most states observe for examinees taking the exam to qualify and become certified nursing assistants.

Nursing assistant jobs are noble professions. It requires a lot of patience and tolerance in cleaning up since the people you will be taking care of are elderly and can no longer take care of themselves and other personal needs. It is best that you pass all nurses aide certification questions in the certified nursing examinations to be able to prove competency in this occupation. Also, to be able to possess great people skills and positive virtues is a must. Taking part in this thriving industry offers great rewards the moment you qualify.

Offering a pay scale of $8.00-$14.00 per hour, any person who is in a career shift would want to grab this opportunity. Students who have just graduated from high school can also take part in the healthcare industry by enrolling in nursing assistant programs. After 75 hours of classroom instruction and clinical practices completion, a required exam should be passed to be able to proceed and become a certified nursing assistant. For this to happen, all nurses aide certification questions should be answered at least 80% correct.


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