August 22, 2017

Nursing Assistant Exam Questions in Florida

Statistics show that demand for Certified Nursing Assistants will increase between 21 to 35% until 2012. This is due to longer life expectancies and growing number of elderly population. As for the financial compensation, according to the Labor Market Statistics, starting salary of a CNA can reach up to $12 dollars an hour while an experienced CNA can earn up to $27 per hour. There are many citizens opting to take this career as a stepping stone to their medical profession. All they have to do is sit down on the certification exam, answer the nursing assistant exam questions in Florida and pass the test.

Last August 1, 2010, the State of Florida mandated that every nurse assistant has to be tested and certified before practicing the profession. The state does not require an aspiring Certified Nursing Assistant to take an exam but it is highly recommended. However, if a test taker took the exam three times and has failed every time, it is required to take the training at a state-approved training program. The examination has two parts which both have to be passed. The written part is composed of nursing assistant exam questions in Florida and the other is a performance exam.

The theory part is in multiple-choice form wherein the students have to use their classroom lectures and a bit of common sense. Reviewing for this part is very convenient because there are numerous sites offering nursing assistant exam questions in Florida and practice tests are available in some training centers. The clinical part needs a lot of observation and practice. Students are expected to perform well enough. If an aspirant is still not ready, he or she can resort to videos posted on-line or you can look for someone who can give you a one-on-one tutorial.

After passing the exam, a CNA is required to apply for a listing in Florida’s Registry of CNAs. Even nurse aides in other states which were verified as actively licensed and in a good standing can be a CNA in Florida. For those who are not permitted, they are obliged to take the certification exam and answer the nursing assistant exam questions in Florida.


  1. blake figueroa says:

    How many do you need to answer correct to pass written cna test in FL?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually you are given 60 questions that are multiple choice and this needs to be answered in 90 minutes. Score is computer testing engine based and the number of questions that you might have to answere would differ based on importance to each question. The checkpoints for the 5 practical skill test can be found at prometric websites

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