August 23, 2017

Nursing Exam Questions

After making it through your certified nursing assistant classes, you are now ready to take the CNA exam to get your certificate. Although taking exams have been easy for you, knowing what to expect would make the whole exam a lot easier. Answering nursing exam questions require your previous knowledge acquired during the period of your study. It also requires a great amount of common sense to be able to give out correct answers.

The CNA exam is made up of two parts. The first part is the written exam composed of 10 pre-test questions and 60-rated nursing exam questions to be answered in multiple choice. The second part is the clinical skills test evaluation. You might be requested to bring another person to act as the patient as you demonstrate your clinical skills. It will be rated by a registered nurse who will be watching your every move. This will allow the evaluator to gauge your skills and your competency for the nursing assistant job.

It is normal to feel nervous in taking the exam. You can either feel nervous with the written part or the clinical skills demonstration part. If you know what to expect and how to perform the necessary skills, you will be able to fly right through the two parts of the exam. The written part of the nursing exam questions is based on how much knowledge you have gained all throughout studying certified nursing assistant program. You can scan through your previous notes for reference to have your mind refreshed before taking the exam.

There are lots of ways for you to get pass the CNA examination. You can start by reviewing your class notes and CNA books. You can do it by studying alone or attend a review class before applying to take the CNA exam. This will help you prepare extensively in answering the major parts of the exam. After reviewing, you will be able to answering the nursing exam questionswith confidence and perform indicated clinical skills effectively. Generally, you will need a mark of 80% to get yourself State registered although this requirement may vary from state to state. You can contact your local state licensing board to check on the requirements.

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