August 22, 2017

Oregon CNA License: Can You Get One?

Certified nursing assistants or (CNAs) are required to work under the guidance of a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Simple tasks like helping a patient walk around their nursing home, helping a patient sit down, helping a patient dress and use the loo are performed by the certified nursing assistant.

A CNA also takes a patient’s vital signs and must have basic knowledge on how to perform simple operational tasks like use medical equipments during emergencies. Certified nursing assistants or CNAs can find work in hospitals, nursing homes, day care homes and rehabilitation centers.

Unlike other states in the United States, the state of Oregon provides CNA aspirants with two levels of certification. This certification is given by the Oregon state board of nursing which is in charge of setting the guidelines and procedures. According to labor statistics, there are around more than 25,000 certified nursing assistants employed in various health care settings.

You can obtain Oregon CNA license by enrolling into a CNA program from an accredited community college. The community college should be accredited by the Oregon state board of nursing.

To obtain a CNA certification the applicant must have a proof of his/her education and a clean criminal background check. Once you complete your mandatory 100 hours of classroom and clinical training, you will be allowed to appear for the CNA exam. The exam has two parts which includes a written test and a clinical test, both of which have to be successfully cleared by you to be certified.

The successful candidate is usually awarded the CNA certification by the Oregon state board of nursing. You will be given a CNA license which you will have to keep safely. The CAN license is a proof that you have completed your CNA certification course, which will allow you to practice in the state of Oregon.

You must also obtain your certified medication aide or CMA certification. To become a CMA, you must become a CNA by completing the course. Among the requirements to become a CMA, you will also have to perform full time work for six months. If you are able to successfully complete the CMA exam which is held by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, you are awarded with the CMA certification.

Once you have obtained your CNA and CMA certifications, you can also work as home health assistants, psychiatric assistants, and attendants. In the state of Oregon, CNAs can earn up to an annual wage of $21,570 in Oregon, which is quite high when compared to other states in the United States.

Hope the above article helps you to get your Oregon CNA license. Remember to work hard and maintain your composure at all times.


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