August 22, 2017

Oregon CNA Training and Oregon Nursing Certification: The Guidelines

There are numerous state-approved CNA Training Oregon programs available for residents. In 1987, when the U.S. Congress passed OBRA (The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), it was federally made compulsory that all 50 U.S. states must approve the certified nursing assistant training programs.

Several CNA Training Oregon programs are approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, and it maintains a registry of the certified nurse aides working in the state.

The certified nursing assistants aid the patients and long-term-care residents with their daily living activities like grooming and bathing. They are chiefly responsible for observing the alterations in the physical condition and behavior of the patients. Most of the certified nursing assistants work in long-term-care, nursing facilities, community care facilities for the elderly, hospitals, medical centers and home health care agencies.

CNA Training Oregon Certification Rules

To work legally as a CNA in Oregon nursing homes and long-term care facilities, students should be placed upon the state’s nurse aide registry. The below mentioned Oregon nursing requirements should be fulfilled:

• State-approved Oregon CNA training program should be completed
• State CNA competency examination should be cleared
• Criminal history background check should be passed
• Those students who have an active CNA license in another state, and who have legally worked for minimum 400 hours, may apply for endorsement from the Oregon State Board of Nursing.
• The in-state CNA Oregon training requirement can be waived for those students who have graduated from an accredited nursing program in the United States.

Characteristics of Oregon Nursing CNA Program

In the state of Oregon, all CNA certification programs must have the following minimal elements:

• Total clinical training of 75 hours
• Classroom training of 75 hours
• 24 hours, classroom training prior to the contact with patients
• The CNA students learn several vital clinical and interpersonal skill areas in the classroom, such as:

o Basic nursing skills
o Infection control
o Emergency procedures
o Mental health recognition
o Communication skills
o Restorative care
o Patients’ rights

Listings of Oregon CNA Training Program

Several CNA training programs are available throughout the state, and they can be found in community colleges, adult learning institutes, community centers, and care facilities.

Advantages of CNA Oregon Certification

Students who successfully complete the Oregon CNA training program, and who clear the CNA certification examination of the state, are qualified to be placed upon the nurse aide registry. This permits the students to legally work at any nursing home and long-term care facility in the state.

CNA jobs shall remain stable and in supply for many years to come, with the aging population of Oregon hence, ensuring that the nurse aid profession is the best choice for those wishing to enter into the nursing field.


  1. How is the cna exam graded in Oregon?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      It is a pass/fail exam. the nurse aide registry notifies the candidate within a few weeks of the exam. 60 theory questions and 5 practical skills are tested.

  2. Can the state of Oregon pay for cna training?

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