August 20, 2017

Practice Questions for the NY CNA Test

As the healthcare industry continues to boom, the need of competent workers rises. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, by 2016 an increase of 26% in nursing assistant occupations is expected. That means about 1.8 million nursing assistant jobs will be added more. Nursing assistant is a noble job. It does not only require skills, it also requires a great huge of patience and tolerance especially when the people you are dealing with are elderly and can no longer take care of their personal needs. In New York, to be able to get employed as a nursing assistant in a nursing home or hospital, you must be able to undergo training and pass the CNA examinations. You can do this by reviewing previous lessons learned and by answering practice questions for the NY CNA test before taking the actual test.

Answering practice questions for the NY CNA test will help you determine which area you are the weakest. This will help you assess your readiness for the actual test. Although there are two parts of the test, the first part which is the written exam, is as important as the second part, which is the skills test evaluation. In most states, the written exam should be passed before a candidate can proceed to the skills test evaluation. Failure to pass the written exam may mean forfeiting the chance to continue to the next level.

This is why extensive review is necessary. You can have it done over review classes or simply having a self-review. You can start scanning your old notes and read your CNA books to refresh your memory. Coming in prepared for any test is a good way of getting through and passing the exam with flying colours. Answering practice questions for the NY CNA test will also give you a glimpse on what to expect in the actual examinations. Although CNA exam questions vary, you might just get lucky and answer similar questions from the practice test. If you got it right in the practice test, you will also get it right in the actual test.

Great chances favour the prepared mind. If you want to take part in this booming industry, you have to be prepared before taking the actual test to become a certified nurse assistant in New York. Start answering practice questions for the NY CNA test and get prepared for the coming examination. With salary offers ranging from $16,000 to $34,000 depending on experience, to be a certified nursing assistant is indeed a rewarding job.


  1. How can a cna become a nurse in nyc?

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