August 20, 2017

Prepare With The CNA Certification Practice Test

You have spent countless hours in classrooms, labs, and on hands training in clinical settings, you are ready for the big day when you take your state nursing competency exam. Make use of your time and prepare with a CNA certification practice test.

Wherever you took your training can give you some recommendations on where to find the materials or you can look for yourself. The state where you reside and where you will take your certification test is likely to have materials that you can use to prepare yourself.

The value of these practice tests are high as they will supply you with frequently asked questions in the competency examination as well as identifying tasks you will need to perform when it comes to the clinical portion.

Reviewing material you have learned is important. You don’t want to take the test and not pass on the first round. Preparing as well as you can make the decision intelligent and time invested will be wisely spent accessing CNA certification practice test.

The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) also provides a full packet of study test materials for many states. Go to their website for assistance. Also take the time to go to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. These professional organizations are ones you can count on for the latest information in the CNA field.

Preparation for the CNA examination will include a written or oral portion (your choice) and a demonstration of your nursing skills. The written and oral portion is also given in Spanish. You can find practice materials in Spanish or English. You can also go online and find free online practice testing. It is in your best interest to practice so you can pass and be placed in your State Nurse Registry so demonstrate your completed passing of the nurse competency examination and that you have met federal and state requirements for certified nursing assistants.

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