August 22, 2017

Prepare Yourself with the Nursing Assistant Test Questions

Many Americans are looking into CNA jobs today. You can only be part of this growing industry if you have passed the licensure examination. By answering the nursing assistant test questions correctly, you will earn a CNA certification. Certified nursing assistants or (CNA) are trained medical workers tasked to provide care and service to immobile patients. Their possible patients include mentally ill or physically ill or elderly patients who really need proper attention. As nursing assistants, you usually guide patients in doing daily activities such as walking, dressing and eating. You are also requested to gather health information of the patient like taking blood pressure or pulse rate. Nurse aides are expected to be patient and understanding to their patients.

Passing the certification exam is the last step to become a certified nursing assistant. Having a CNA certification will also make you eligible to work in medical facilities and private homes. That is why you have to complete the nursing assistant test questions to qualify for CNA certification. The license test, also known as the Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) is conducted to measure the knowledge and capacity of a particular nurse aide. The truth is that nursing jobs are not easy. CNA tasks are very demanding in nature, which means that workers in this field must be really skilled and experienced. Earning a certification would attest that you can handle every situation perfectly.

The test questions are divided into two: written and practical. You can take both parts of the exam on the same day. You must take and pass both written and practical exams to get a CNA license. In this part, the number of nursing assistant test questions is usually seventy. However, the number of test questions and the passing percentage vary from every state The written portion, which purely consists of objective questions, uses a multiple choice format.. The written CNA exam can also be taken in oral English or other languages like Spanish, for those who have problems in understanding written English.

The practical portion requires nursing applicants to demonstrate at least 5 basic CNA skills. Each skill is needed to be performed within twenty to thirty minutes. A designated evaluator is authorized to conduct and assess your performance. You must always remember that your aim is to answer the nursing assistant test questions perfectly to pass the license test. Also, you should not worry if you have failed the certification. Most states give three attempts to applicants in passing the examination.

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