August 18, 2017

Preparing to pass testing questions for CNA

If you are preparing for a CNA examination, maybe you are wondering what the possible testing questions for CNA are. Basically, these questions encompass all what you have learned throughout the course of your training program. All of these questions are constructed in such a manner aimed to assess your knowledge and skills about providing nursing care. Getting to know more about this test and the range of possible questions would considerably benefit you in passing the exam.

There are a lot of available sample testing question for CNA in the internet. Choosing the right sample testing questions are also important to your preparation. Try to answer different kinds of sample tests so that you can review several selections of questions. Answering many kinds of sample tests will also provide you an in-depth refreshment of the skills you learned from your training sessions. Provided below are some of the possible questions:

What is the proper medical term for high blood pressure?
What is the proper way of measuring and recording a client’s blood pressure?
What kind of eating diet does a client with chewing or swallowing difficulties?
How is the correct way of positioning a client on their side?
How do you dress a client with a weak arm?
What is the correct way of providing catheter care?
How do you effectively communicate with a frustrated or depressed client?
How do you familiarize a client to his or her surroundings or environment?
How do you measure and record the body temperature of your clients?
How do you measure and record the urinary output of your clients?
How do you properly correct mistakes of your client in learning how to walk?
How do you properly conduct cleaning of your client’s wastes?
How do you correctly transfer a client from his bed to a wheelchair?

These are the possible range of testing questions for CNA. All of them are your previous lessons. Answers to these questions are essential in your professional practice in the future. Do not be contented with a single article of sample questions. Try to search for other sample tests so that you can be exposed to different possibilities.

Your chances of passing the exam depend on your preparation. Answering testing questions for CNA will be very easy for you if you carefully study your previous lessons and answer mock exams.


  1. daniel leblanc says:

    How does a cna position her client on their side?

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